Winneba, a town located in the Central Region of Ghana

Winneba is a town located in the Central Region of Ghana, West Africa. It is situated along the coast of the Atlantic Ocean, approximately 35 kilometers west of the regional capital, Cape Coast. Winneba is the capital of the Effutu Municipal District.

Winneba is known for its beautiful beaches, rich cultural heritage, and historical significance. The town is predominantly inhabited by the Effutu people, who are part of the larger Akan ethnic group. The Effutu people have a unique cultural festival known as the “Aboakyer Festival,” which attracts both locals and tourists.

In terms of education, Winneba is home to the University of Education, Winneba (UEW). The university is one of the leading teacher training institutions in Ghana and offers a wide range of programs in education and other disciplines.

Winneba’s economy is primarily based on agriculture, fishing, and small-scale industries. The town has a thriving fishing industry due to its coastal location, and agriculture involves the cultivation of crops such as maize, cassava, yam, and vegetables.

Overall, Winneba is a charming coastal town with a blend of cultural heritage, natural beauty, and academic institutions that make it a significant destination in Ghana.

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