About Us

Emerald Properties seeks to provide very affordable lands and properties in a well-planned gated community on the outskirts of Accra yet in the closest proximity to the capital so as to create a nontoxic atmosphere full of fresh and breezy ambiance from the ocean and nature. This concept was birthed to curb the high costs of owning properties in similar environments etc.


Our vision is to create an environment in areas that have a direct feel of nature, e.g. ocean front homes, hilltop homes,valley-in homes, and lakeside homes. This is to create an ambiance, free from industrial and environmental toxins. Again, a gated and well-demarcated community for our clientele to facilitate an easy and free neighborhood.


Current hikes in building materials which have a direct influence on the cost of owning homes gives us at Emerald Beach View Properties the confidence to sell to our clientele quality and modern architecture homes at competitive prices to suit all budget.

We at Emerald Beach View Properties have a team of experienced professionals in the real estate industry for over a decade and have accumulated a lot of practical experiences of which our confidence pivots on delivering good services within schedule and at competitive rates.